After spending nearly three decades leading culture transformation inside and on behalf of some of the world’s largest and most admired organizations, we are excited to share that our new book is now available.

The Art and Science of Culture – The Power of Seeing What’s Hidden is a book that will help you begin to see more clearly those elements of culture that are typically hidden – the thought habits, limiting beliefs, behavioral habits, even the neuroscience of how your brains are wired to behave.

In this book, we will help dispel myths that culture transformation takes years, that culture diagnostics take months and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that creating a purpose or set of values is sufficient to shape culture.

From our direct experience in leading hundreds of leadership teams through culture transformations, we will help you learn how to see patterns that you previously missed, drive intentional culture change within weeks, and embed culture into high-performance work practices to ensure that culture is sustained – even in the workforce of the future.

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Culture Snapshot

Culture Snapshot