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Our Approach to Leadership Development

Leaders who are aligned, collaborative, innovative, exhibit IMpowerment (i.e. high levels of ownership and accountability), and operate from healthy States of Mind are critical to creating and sustaining a high-performance culture.  As such, leadership development is a cornerstone of any cultural transformation.  Leadership development is most effective within a unified and architected system.  That is, one that teaches and reinforces common concepts and language across the organization.

Leadership development is most effective when using a unified and architected system that teaches and reinforces common concepts and language across the organization.

How leaders get results

The most important piece of what leaders do is to “Live the Values” of the organization.  Each organization has a unique and nuanced set of values.  Still, regardless of the exact values, we believe there are fundamental building blocks of human behaviors which enable leaders to “Live the Values” more effectively.

What leaders do:

Decades of research have established leadership fundamentals.  Leaders need to Think and Act Strategically (developing a strategy and uniting people around a compelling purpose and vision), Embrace Innovation (encourage curiosity to reinvent the strategy and improve operations), Build Strong and Diverse Teams (attract the best possible talent and engage them with inclusive collaboration), and Manage Performance (relentlessly focus on results both collectively and individually through ongoing coaching and feedback).

Who leaders are:

Our method focuses on developing authentic leaders who exhibit confident vulnerability and are focused on taking deliberate, intentional, and purposeful action.

To accelerate leadership development within this framework, we focus on three areas:
  1. Digital Leadership Development
  2. Team-Based Experiential Learning
  3. Executive Coaching

Digital Leadership Development

Leverage our distinctive model of effective leadership and neuroscience concepts by deploying our engaging animations, micro-learning, and shared learning experiences.  Or build our concepts into your frameworks for a seamless, integrated experience.

Click below to see an example of our micro-learning videos

Team-Based Experiential Learning

Whether part of a larger cultural transformation initiative or helping to address a specific organizational need, Principled Transformation’s seasoned facilitators are here to help you drive culture change.

These sessions, designed for leaders at all levels, combine our powerful framework of effective leadership with your organizational context to produce lasting change.

Executive Coaching

Our approach to coaching is called Holistic Leadership Coaching ™.  It is holistic in that it involves the coaching of individuals, the alignment of leadership teams, and the transformation of organizations.  Leaders work in systems; therefore, coaching must occur within a common and shared system.

Our experience is that one-off coaching engagements and coaching out of context have limited effectiveness and, in some cases, may slow the exact changes needed.  We believe that a far more effective approach is to coach an individual in the context of their team and organization as part of a broader transformation effort.  As the leader (coachee) grows and develops, the same will happen with the team, which is reflected in the organization’s business results.  

Rather than coaching to specific behaviors, we coach to a way of being, which we refer to as the “Reflection of Leadership.” Leaders illuminate a persona on the world, which is the source of their effectiveness.  This reflection also impacts those around them.  As such, we assist leaders in identifying their “authentic voice,” the core of their reflections, and their “confident vulnerability,” the source of their ability to get results and to learn and grow.  Clarifying leaders’ thinking on these two concepts enables them to take necessary actions. 

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“Savvy investors and leaders have figured out that the path to returns on their financial capital are through attention to and care for the human capital aspects of the organization. The Principled Transformation Team leverage thoughtful and pragmatic approaches to create sustainable value on the truly hard stuff of leadership.”


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