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Global Consumer Goods and Retail Company


After being run as an operating company, many acquisitions were not accretive. They built a shared service organization and platform for acquiring and rapidly growing new brands.


Engaged the leadership team and cascaded through all of the brands to create one common culture, centered in collaboration, innovation, and accountability. Revenue doubled in less than five years. Stock price grew over 300%.

North American division of a Fortune 500 consumer products company


After 9 years of consecutive declining revenue in North America, the president needed to turn the business to growth.


Building a culture on accountability and positive spirit, the organization reversed a 9 year decline and swung to double-digit growth, becoming the model for culture and innovation around the globe.

Division of a Fortune 500 medical instrument manufacturer with over 3,000 employees in the U.S. and Europe


After a 10 year period of being a “sleepy division” the CEO demanded the division double revenue to $4 B while maintaining margins in a 3 year period.  While the division had bought products they had never acquired a company. Employee engagement scores had stagnated.  Employee didn’t feel appreciated and exhibited lower levels of innovation and accountability.


This division engaged all 3000 employees in an 18 month period.  Senior management was very committed to communications.  Also, an active Culture Transformation Team and champion network were put in place.  Employee engagement scores rose.  Levels of appreciation, innovation and accountability rose.  Sales in Europe tripled.  The R&D cycle time was cut in half and several key acquisitions were integrated.  In addition, an ERP integration went very well.  Bottomline: Revenues doubled while maintaining high margins.  Other divisions in the corporation soon pursued the culture transformation process.

Fortune Future 50 energy company with over 2000 employees in North America (primarily CA), Europe, India and New Zealand.


While the company possessed incredible levels of innovation, they lacked business discipline.  The board installed a new CEO who brought the business discipline but was concerned that levels of innovation and customer awareness were dropping thereby putting future products at risk.  The stock price had dropped to lower than $5.00 a share.


The company engaged all employees in a 6 month period.  Senior management.  Senior management aligned around the importance of connecting to the customer and lead the transformation process.  The company realized higher levels of innovation and customer focus.  Stock price rose to over $200 a share with a market cap of over $20 B.

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