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Understanding Your Culture: Mirror Neurons at Work

Based on a True StoryImagine a cage full of monkeys, a bunch of bananas hanging from the ceiling, and a ladder leaning on a nearby wall. Soon, a monkey decides to move the ladder under the bananas to better reach them. However, when that monkey starts to climb the...

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Discover the Hidden Power of Culture

We often find ourselves drawn to the tangible and measurable aspects of running organizations, including results, profits, or customer satisfaction. However, Tom Peters, a renowned figure in the realm of management thinking, has long emphasized the importance of the...

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Available Now: The Art and Science of Culture book

After spending nearly three decades leading culture transformation inside and on behalf of some of the world's largest and most admired organizations, we are excited to share that our new book is now available. The Art and Science of Culture - The Power of Seeing...

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Our Purpose and Values

After leading culture transformation inside of some of the world's largest and most successful organizations, we decided to create a firm with a singular purpose to have a broad impact on the world. We empower leaders because we know that leaders create change in...

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Culture Capability Assessment – Dashboards

The Culture Capability Assessment(TM) measures ten essential dimensions of healthy cultures at the Leader, Team, and Organization levels. Our dashboards allow you to quickly identify cultural strengths and gaps throughout your organization. Leveraging our proprietary...

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The Culture Capability Assessment

Where do you start your culture journey? By understanding your current reality. What are your inherent strengths? What could you be doing to better advance your strategy and achieve higher results? The Culture Capability Assessment is our proprietary culture...

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Culture Snapshot

Culture Snapshot