After leading culture transformation inside of some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations, we decided to create a firm with a singular purpose to have a broad impact on the world. We empower leaders because we know that leaders create change in organizations – not consultants. We chose the phrase “to empower” because we want to make leaders stronger and more confident in leading culture by removing the mystery of it. We help leaders understand the art and the science of creating the cultures your organization needs to compete and win in the market. And, the cultures you really need aren’t average, they’re not just healthy. We believe they should be awe-inspiring. The feeling you get when you interact with the people in your organization should remind you of the feeling you got when you experienced something magnificent – the edge of the Grand Canyon, your first time on a special vacation, your first trip to a new part of the world. That’s the thinking behind our purpose: to empower leaders to create awe-inspiring organizational cultures.

From our purpose, we developed our shared values. These guide everything we do within our organization and in partnership with our clients. These values serve as a set of shared beliefs that operate across our team and guide the decisions we make every day. Bringing our best selves is about operating at our best. We know that we not only share the message to our clients – we are the message. We must take care of ourselves and be confident yet vulnerable as we lead and learn from our clients. Being client-obsessed originated from our founders having worked inside of some of the world’s largest organizations. They quickly noticed firms who were truly focused on their business, their teams, and themselves. This spirit carried forward as they transitioned from corporate leadership roles to partners in a large global consulting firm. Clients are at the center of Principled Transformation. The next value reflects our bold confidence in sharing expertise that is always balanced with a growth mindset. We share insights gathered from operating at the top of global organizations and yet we realize that there are things to learn all around us, every moment, in every experience. Impowerment means “power within” and is about seeing our role in the events and outcomes in our lives. We choose to “happen to the world” more than we let “the world happen to us.” Finally, we know that we all experience separate realities and that the differences we all see can be powerful to a team and organization. We value hearing and sharing those differences to reduce blindspots and build inclusive cultures where all leaders can show up as their best selves.

This carefully crafted purpose and values set guides all that we do and each decision we make. We hope this is the kind of firm you’d value serving you.


Culture Snapshot

Culture Snapshot